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Family Tree Book

I was inspired to create a family tree book when a very distant relative, Harold Atkins,  got in touch with my family. He has been doing research for years and created an enormous family tree spreadsheet in his computer.  I got in touch with him and he emailed me his family tree and I have since then, created one of my own, using his information as well as getting in touch with my own relatives and getting as much information together as I could to create my own family tree book.  If you are interested in having one done for yourself, email me at Click into the family data form button and fill out form and submit.     You can either scan photos and email them to me or mail them to me, contacting me for my address through my email address.   

The book is approximately  (9 x 11) nine inches by eleven and a half inches tall  with clear laminated protective sheets covering the pages of scanned photographs with plastic sheets covering the data sheets but enabling future editing.  These photo pages are photo composites, I can make the photos any size to fit on the pages as you can see from the examples below.  Send only pictures that are 8 x 10 or smaller.     




                      To see more pages, click examples.