This website was created in memory of my dad, Arthur S. Iberall, a world renown physicist, a world traveler, an inventor, a father of four, an author of several books,  who when he died at the age of 84, I saw him laying in his bed with tubes coming out from all angles, and to the doctors and nurses he was just another number, a body hanging on by a thread but with no name or cause. At that moment I decided to give people back their dignity by developing a book that they can carry around with them when they are at home, or in a nursing home, or a hospital, or a hospice, or anywhere their heart desires where they can share their life with their families, grandchildren, friends, neighbors, doctors, nurses, caregivers, or anyone else out there who may be interested or just with themselves when they are alone and trying to remember their past. It's also good for people who can't remember dates, or names, have a touch of Dementia or Alzheimer's or just having a moment. It's also a treasure for families of those that have passed on, young or old,  soldiers of war, or pets that have passed on. The book is like an autobiography, it's a celebration of one's life, but in pictures with all the important data of one's life. You can also keep your medical records inserted in the book so when you go to the hospital or wherever, you can carry them with you safely.